AUTUMN TERM              STEYNING Friday 13 September          
     HORSHAM  Wednesday 11 September       

SATURDAY 2 NOVEMBER   All Saints Church, High Street, Lindfeld. 4.00 - 5.00  REHEARSAL 2.00 Horsham Choir only with a few from Steyning to help boost numbers.
Music :   Don't sit under, on a clear day, Everythings coming up roses, This little light, O when the Saints
SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER  Christmas concerts - Steyning in the morning 11.30 - 12.30  - Horsham in the afternoon 4.45-5.45  

CHRISTMAS TOPS -           STEYNING    Sop 1 RED       Sop 2 GREEN      Alto  SILVER
b        HORSHAM    Sop 1 RED       Sop 2 SILVER       Alto    GREEN

DATES 2020
Term Starts    STEYNING Friday 3 January          HORSHAM  Wednesday 8 January

Extra practice for both choirs Saturday 25 January Steyning Centre 10.00 - 1.00pm

Saturday 7 March - STEYNING: St Andrews 4.00 - 5.00    Afternoon rehearsal     ALL classical programme
Friday 20 March - repeat of Classical Concert Steyning & Horsham)
Saturday 21 March - HORSHAM St Nicholas, Worth 4.00 - 5.00
Friday 29 May - Street Music and Street Food Steyning Centre 11.30 (45 minute programme followed by food)
Friday 10 July  - Repeat of Street Music/Food with HORSHAM at the Drill Hall - Full evening concert
November -       Pantocrime The Sequel!


A guideline for learning songs.

Listening to a recording of your part while looking at the sheet music is a fast, efficient way to learn your music. Use these tips to help you make the best use of this material.
Step One  Pick a time when you won’t be disturbed. Get together your recording, the sheet music and a pencil. Play the recording. Just listen the first time while following the notes with your pencil. This will establish a visual pattern in your brain – even if you don’t read music, you will see if the notes go up or down, and by how much. Play the recording again and sing along softly, still following the notes with your pencil. This makes you an active participant and will help you learn faster than if you just listen while you are busy doing other things. Repeat this step a couple of times, or as many as you need to.  

Step Two   By now the notes are getting easier, and you can move onto the words. Replay the recording and sing along, following the words with your pencil. Repeat this a few times. Again, this strengthens the visual image in your mind and really helps to make it stick. 

Step Three          Stand up, look at the music and play the recording. Using good posture and breath support, sing the section along with the recording. The establishes a physical pattern or “feel” to integrate what you have already done by looking at the music and listening to the CD. Repeat this until you can sing the whole song accurately. When you can do this, try it without looking at the music.   

You will learn the music much more quickly and effectively if you use this method than if you just sing along to a CD while you are driving in your car!