Steyning Flower Festival Saturday 24 August St Andrews Church

About 30 singers came together to provide background music to a fantastic Steyning Flower Festival - the theme of Film and Musicals fitting perfectly with some of our recent repertoire. The ladies made a glorious sound in the church and were rewarded with loud applause from the enthusiastic audience - many of whom sat and listened while others still wandered around the stunning displays which included one done by choir members Louise Foster & Ann Galaud. A stylish, professional and beautiful display on My Fair Lady - what a perfect choice!  

Saints & Sinners - Steyning Saturday 29 June

With three choir taking part it was a tricky operation to squeeze them all in but we did it.
Steyning Cantatrice were joined by the Kaleidoscope Singers & Vocal Fusion Acapella for a very different eclectic programme which under the theme included, Good - Bad - Sin - Saints - Heaven - Hell - Light & Dark.
Cantatrice opened the evening with a bright 'Gloria' Vivaldi and then we followed with both choirs singing 'Jonah man Jazz' and his city of sin. 'Satan go way' kept the evil tone sung by Kaleidoscope followed by reading from Macbeth - wickedly portrayed by Tim from Vocal Fusion. Thinking of 'Good' we had two beautiful pieces 'Be still' (M Neaum) and O love (D Phelps) - the latter sung by Vocal Fusion with the men of Kaleidoscope.
A highlight - I think probably of the whole evening was the organ solo 'Power of life' by Takle and played superbly by local organist Brian Sawyer. A jazzy, humous and totally engaging piece. A reading on 'Good' excellently performed by Joy from Kaleidoscope ended this theme . The bad boys of Vocal Fusion went on to sing 'Joshua fit de battle' a tricky arrangement by Stacy Gibbs and we finished the first half with a moving arrangement by Kirby Shaw of the Eric Clapton song 'Tears in Heaven' which he composed after losing his son.
For the second half we stayed in heaven for B Chilcotts 'Irish Blessing' with the ladies of Cantatrice & organ and Vocal Fusion sang an acapella version of 'Deep River'. Darkness took the form of superstition and of course Stevie Wonder's iconic song slotted in perfectly with the men of Vocal Fusion jazzing it up! Kaleidoscope took themselves to the back of the church to sing the stunning 'Lux Aurumque' by E Whitacre - again another highlight for it is a beautifully crafted song.
With its swinging rhythm, all choirs joined together for 'This little light of mine' a great piece for  both choir and audience. Being such an eclectic programme our last section on 'Saints' began with Kaleidsocope singing 'O Quam Gloriosum' by Victoria & 'Ave Maris Stella' Grieg. Cantatrice lowered the tone with 'Hail Holy Queen' from Sister Act and finally ALL choirs performed 'O when the Saints' arranged by J Rutter.
A good all round entertaining evening with a wonderfully warm and responsive audience.

Horsham Performers Platform Friday 21 June

Cantatrice Horsham were very happy to support this local competitive festival in Horsham. Three choirs took part in the short evening class Cantatrice singing, On a clear day, Irish Blessing and Everything's comin up roses in which they received some lovely comments about their phrasing, tone and musicality from adjudicator Ben Costello. The acoustics in the church were flattering and made singing very easy. Two other choirs sang after us - Vocal Fusion Acapella - a men's chorus from Steyning and the Emery Ensemble - both excellent groups - immensely entertaining and great to listen to. 

A spoonful of sugar - celebrating female artists

With the excellent JP BIG BAND, West End star Ellie Ann Lowe, singer Bryony Prior and the ladies from Cantatrice we presented an evening of our favourite female artists. I say 'our' favourite as there were so many to choose from that there were loads not included.
We brought sunshine to the mix with 'Walking on Sunshine' complete with lots of yellow scarves, bows and suns - walking through the audience to grab their attention. Ellie Ann Lowe whose fab' voice and great personality lifted the whole whole evening to an incredible level singing Goldfinger, Mary Poppins Besame Mucho (& more!) - coupled beautifully with the versatile, musical & ranchy style of Bryony Prior who although a freelance horn player easily slips into performing as a singer. She sang ' I just wanna make love to you, Get Happy, Conga & more!! Their duet 'I'm every woman' arranged by trumpeter Paul Newton (also playing in the band) was just brilliant in every way - singing, playing and the arrangement.
Cantatrice were no less versatile - singing 'Don't sit under the Apple tree', 9 to 5, Mary Poppins, On a clear day - a highlight of the evening, Everythings coming up roses, and You can't stop the beat.
Our own home grown backing vocals 'Saffron' that's Beverley, Debbie, Kirsty & Jenny were highly professional - slick and polished and looked amazing in their two yellow outfits.
None of this would have had quite the impact though without the JP Big Band led by Jim Prior  - a mix of pro's semi-pro's and amateurs whose classy tight and moving playing were enormously appreciated by the capacity audience who were put totally at ease with Jim's relaxed, jokey & engaging delivery!
A great evening celebrating top female artists.